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Lute mould faired and facets slightly scalloped

30 Jul


Lute mould assembled – ready for fairing.

28 Jul


Figuring out the shapes of the cross-sections

26 Jul


Mould progressing

25 Jul

The spine and outline of the mold are now done.  Next step is to make the section profiles and glue them in to form a sort of toast rack.  This type of mold was developed by David Van Edwards


Lute making – Building a replica of the 7c lute by Giovanni Hieber

20 Jul

Work started today.  The first job was to make a couple of templates based on a survey drawing of a 7c lute by Hieber, probably built in the 1570s.  One template is the shape of half the soundboard, and the other template is the centre section of the back.  These are made from 6mm medium density fibreboard (MDF).