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Second rib in place

30 Sep

It pays to have all your tape, clamps, wedges etc ready before brushing the glue on. I also have a little fan heater playing on the work to keep it warm while gluing.


The first rib glued in place

26 Sep

First rib held in place using mapping pins. Note that there is a black line on both sides of this rib. Subsequent ribs will have a black line on only one side – the side away from the centre of the bowl.

The same rib seen from the other end of the mould. The rib is not glued to the mold. Note the sellotape to help prevent sticking.

Gluing a ‘black line’ to the edge of a rib

24 Sep

Black lines are glued to the edges of the ribs and when the bowl is assembled will appear as lines separating the ribs giving a pleasing contrast.

Bending and shaping the first rib

23 Sep

Bending the rib over a heated copper pipe.  I normally use both hands for this, but one was holding the camera . . .

Trueing up the edge of the rib on a board with grade 80 sandpaper glued to it.  Again – this is a two handed job, and would be if I wasn’t holding the camera . . .

A universal joint for holding the mould at a convenient angle

7 Sep

Matching up the ribs – alternating cherry and sycamore

7 Sep

The full set of eleven rib templates

6 Sep