Archive | November, 2012

End clasp bent and clamped in place

24 Nov


Label in place!

21 Nov

Handwritten label, copied from a Gothic font.

Shell nearing completion

20 Nov

Interior joints are reinforced with strips of paper.

Exterior of shell faired smooth with a cabinet scraper.

Taking the shell off the mould . . .

17 Nov

The fragile shell is reinforced with plenty of tape before taking it off the mould.

The shell is off the mould now, but the sooner the inner end clasp is glued in the better.

The inner end clasp, made from pine, is glued in place.

Final rib on starboard side

13 Nov

Tricky one this – Every effort is made to ensure it fits snugly to the edge of the mould so ensure that the shape of the lute will be accurate.